Armeo® Spring Pediatric

Functional Arm and Hand Therapy

Armeo® Spring Pediatric  supports rehabilitation care for children ages 4 to 12 with motor impairments in their arms and hands resulting from neurological conditions.


How does Armeo® Spring Pediatric work?

The device uses an exoskeleton to eliminate the forces of gravity during your arm rehabilitation. Through engaging, game-like tasks, the Armeo® Spring Pediatric allows you to complete movements that have been made difficult from your neurological impairment.

What are the benefits of Armeo® Spring Pediatric?

Armeo® Spring Pediatric offers entertaining therapy for children. It includes tools and feedback to help motivate and encourage patients, and it helps to reveal any remaining motor function.

With an adjustable workspace, the device can benefit patients of many different capabilities. Depending on your child’s needs, Armeo® Spring Pediatric can also integrate the entire movement chain of the arm, hand and wrist.

Armeo® Spring Pediatric provides functional arm and hand therapy for children ages 4 to 12.