LiteGait® Training Device

The LiteGait® is a training device that simultaneously assists with posture, lowers weight-bearing, reduces concerns for balance and facilitates the training of coordinated lower-extremity movement. Its unique harness design permits unilateral or bilateral support, allowing Marianjoy therapists to adjust the weight-bearing load and manual assistance for the legs and pelvis to achieve proper gait patterns.

Individuals who may benefit from the LiteGait® training include those with:

  • Neurological impairments (stroke, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, Parkinson's)
  • Orthopaedic impairments (total hip replacement, total knee replacement, amputee)
  • Cardiovascular impairments (endurance, post-operative)

How does the LiteGait® work?

The LiteGait® harness is fitted to the patient and then attached to the suspension system. Any amount of the patient's body weight can then be supported by elevating the suspension system. The patient can then practice walking either over ground or on a treadmill.

All outpatient therapy and procedures require a physician referral. For more information, please call 630.909.7150.