Professional Practice Model

Nursing Professional Practice Model at Huntley Hospital

The Huntley Hospital Professional Practice Model illustrates the alignment and integration of nursing practice with the mission, vision and values of Northwestern Medicine. This model was developed with input from all specialties and levels of nursing. The model is our unique depiction of all key components of patient care and represents professional practice in every setting. We believe that the model is a hallmark of a healthy work environment.

As professional nurses, we proudly uphold:

  • Standard of practice – in alignment with ANA nursing standards of care, state laws, and code of ethics
  • Relationship-based care – to develop positive connections with others
  • Shared governance – to make decisions impacting practice
  • Education philosophy – a commitment to lifelong learning
  • Innovation – to develop solutions to drive quality care
  • Autonomy – by practicing independently within the scope of practice
  • Evidence-based practice/research – to deliver best practice grounded in science

Diagram of nursing professional practice model, which focuses on integrity, teamwork, and excellence.