The development of the Global Health Initiative (GHI) Fund is a significant step towards addressing pressing healthcare needs, educating young doctors in global health issues, and encouraging the growth of primary care doctors. The world is in need of sustainable health care, with a greater need in under-resourced countries. People around the global need doctors—not only doctors who are well educated and highly trained, but doctors who are excited about what they do every day. We strive to help mentor the physicians of tomorrow by meeting today’s healthcare needs. Since 2008, the GHI has funded over 800 medical trainees to serve in 38 different resource-limited countries around the world.

The GHI Fund started with one simple gift from a grateful patient in 2008 who wanted to make a donation in honor of his physician and to help support education at the Feinberg School of Medicine. We have established over the years educational outreach programs, supported clinics where our medical trainees and faculty work, provide seed funding for research, and work closely with faculty across the medical campus and the world to support their effort in global health.

Global Health is aimed at addressing health disparities here and around the world. The GHI Fund continues to grow and create greater impact every year thanks to our generous supporters.

“In the high stakes world of global health, failure is just not an option.”

-Dr. Robert Havey
Founder, Global Health Initiative
Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine, Feinberg School of Medicine
Northwestern University
NMH Vice President, Operations


The Global Health Initiative Fund
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60 million people around the world die every year: one third from infectious diseases and two thirds from non-communicable disease.