RN-BSN, MSN and DNP Student Application Information

RN-BSN, MSN and DNP Practicum Hours Application Information

RN-BSN, MSN and DNP Student Application Information

Northwestern Medicine is a highly sought organization for RN-BSN, MSN and DNP students to obtain practicum hours. We are pleased that you have selected us.

We place students at the following locations in the western suburbs – Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage Hospital, Northwestern Medicine Delnor Hospital, Northwestern Medicine Kishwaukee Hospital, Northwestern Medicine Valley West Hospital, Northwestern Medicine Regional Medical Group and Northwestern Medicine Immediate Care Centers.

Before completing the application, please review the below information.

Basic Student Request

  • All students must complete the online application to be reviewed by the Coordinator of Student and School Partnerships
  • Students should not reach out to staff seeking a preceptor
  • All basics must be met prior to project review
  • Preceptors to be vetted and assigned by the Coordinator of Student and School Partnerships
  • Students are responsible for communicating Preceptor Responsibilities to preceptor

Student Project Request

  • School project implementation is contingent on the professional practice project review process.
  • If the student is an employee, school project work is done outside of paid work hours. The organization may provide resources to assist with data analysis. Expenses incurred will be the responsibility of the student.
  • The project may also be subject to organizational IRB review
  • The student will submit a request for project review to Joyce Springer, Coordinator PCS Procedures and Research. Submission request to include the following:
    • School approval requirements
    • Verification of stakeholder approval
    • Preliminary Project Review form with supporting documents which outlines the project:
      • Project Title
      • Project Team
      • Project Contact Person
      • Leadership Sponsor
      • Key Stakeholders or Departments
      • Project Trigger
      • Current practices/process
      • Project goal/aim
      • Literature/Evidence Review Summary
      • Implementation Department/Unit Proposed Practice/Process Change
      • Implementation Plan
      • Measures of Success: Data Collection/Analysis How the results will be used/Disseminated
  • The student will be notified of the outcome of the review.
  • The project cannot start until both school AND organizational approvals are obtained.

Additional Information

Students will be required to complete required paperwork for Northwestern Medicine and submit it no less than two weeks prior to beginning.

If Northwestern Medicine does not have an Education Affiliation Agreement with your school, please know that the process to fully execute one can take 1 – 6 months.

Please plan proactively when submitting your placement request.

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