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Healthy Tips

Parenting Like a Pro

Back-to-School Round-Up

Whether you’re taking your little one to kindergarten or just making sure your teen is up in the morning, back-to-school is a busy time for parents. We know it can be hard to balance taking care of yourself with ensuring your child is leading a healthy life, so we’ve brought together our best tips to help you.

Food and Fuel

Quick and Healthy Breakfast

Making breakfast a priority is a must, and healthy tips can keep your morning running smoothly too. Monday means routine, so start strong on Sunday. Combine food, family and fun into your weekend meal prep; and have quick, healthy breakfast options throughout the upcoming week. Read the full article here.

Healthy Pack Lunches

A balanced lunch is crucial for your child’s development, and you’ll want to do your best to ensure your child is making healthy choices at school. A nutrient-rich meal can fuel your child’s brain and body, helping him or her concentrate in class and burn energy with sports while developing healthy eating habits for adulthood. Read the full article here.

Jump Start Snacks: 10 Foods to Energize Your Afternoon

Focus on foods with protein, fiber, complex carbohydrates and magnesium that will take longer to digest and therefore extend your energy. Mix and match energizing snacks – like Greek yogurt and berries, or grapefruit and cottage cheese – for a more powerful punch. Read the full article here.

Rest and Recreation

6 Tips for Managing Your Kid’s Tech Time

Technology is a huge part of modern life, and can at times feel overwhelming. As a parent, you may be torn between giving your child the tools to succeed in a tech-heavy world and emphasizing healthy social play. Read the full article here.

A Parent’s Guide to Sports Injuries

Whether deep in competition or conditioning in the off-season, parenting a student athlete is a year-long routine. Because kids are still growing, young athletes are particularly susceptible to injuries and as a result, hasty treatment can have lasting effects later in life. Read the full article here.

Your Role

How to Be the Best Role Model for Your Child

When you lead your best life, children take notice. They develop healthy habits and imitate words, actions and behaviors that guide them to a fulfilling future. From diets to relationships, you can guide your child’s development by being a good role model. Read the full article here.

Parenting Tips for Raising an Independent Child

Independence is an important aspect of growing up. As your child begins to develop a sense of security in their surroundings, you can encourage them to explore independently and take responsibility. Read the full article here.

Don't Forget the Doc

Why Vaccinate? 5 Reasons to Schedule Your Shots Today

It’s far safer for a health professional to vaccinate your child than for him or her to be exposed to the disease in a natural, uncontrolled environment. Read the full article here.

Safe on Schedule: Vaccines for Children [Infographic]

Sticking to the recommended vaccination schedule can reduce catch-up immunizations and prevent high-risk medical conditions later in life. See the infographic here.