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7 Reasons Exercise Is Better Together

Why Working Out Is Better With a Buddy

You know exercise is good for the body, but did you know that having a couple extra bodies in the room is also good for you? Not only does research suggest social communities – including those online – can provide key support for weight loss, but peer groups are an increasingly popular source of support for your fitness goals.

Here are seven reasons why exercise is better with a buddy.

1. Peers can offer much needed motivation. Some individuals are self-starters. They’re able to go for a run, lift weights or practice yoga without any prompting. However, for many people, working out with a partner, group or personal trainer can provide the encouragement and motivation to commit to regular exercise.

2. Opting out is not an option. Your chances of skipping out of exercise decrease when you’re held accountable by others.

3. The opportunities are endless. When fitness is a group exercise – and decision - you may end up trying new workouts, which can be fun and even lead to new favorites.

4. There’s always a challenge. Pacing yourself with others can motivate you to work out harder, build your endurance and make you and your heart stronger. Just remember to put your fitness first to avoid overexertion and injury. Work out buddies should be a source of motivation and not pressure.

5. Experts can make exercise less intimidating. Self-esteem and first-workout-fears can be real obstacles to forming a fitness routine. Having instructors and class regulars to keep you on track and help you to understand any moves you’re unfamiliar with can make the whole concept of exercise easier to tackle.

6. Friendships can extend out of the gym. The connections you make sharing the highs and lows of exercising together not only provide motivation in the moment, but they can also form the foundation of a social group that supports your health and wellness goals.

7. Fitness time becomes family time. When you make exercise one of your family activities, you’re leading by example about the importance of exercise and showing that fun and fitness are by no means mutually exclusive.

Any Time, Anywhere

Group fitness classes at gyms and smaller studios make it incredibly easy to work out with company, whether you’re bringing a crew or just yourself. Pick your favorite time, class and instructor and you’ll be a regular before you know it. Plus, with flexible hour gyms, you can always find people exercising if you just need the sight of another person to keep you going.

While classes are your inside option, it’s just as easy to find group fitness outside. Consider joining a summer rec league. From softball and baseball to kickball and volleyball, there’s something for everyone. There are also bike tours, sailing excursions or running clubs that encourage large groups to get active.

Whether you’re a social butterfly branching out with new activities or an introvert looking for some inspiration to get fit, group exercise offers community, motivation and opportunities. Not to mention a pretty good workout to boot!