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Healthy Tips

Healthy Gifts for the Active Dad

What to Buy for the Healthy Guy

All dads are different and when it comes to doing something a little special to show your appreciation, there’s nothing like a gift that nails his interests. Some dads love showing off their skills on the grill, others can’t wait for a family bike ride or taking in a ballgame on their day. And the great thing about an active dad is that you can get him a gift that will not only make him happy, but also keep him healthy.

The Chef

Many dads are masters of grilling up nutritious meals for a healthy barbecue, but if he needs a little help with the “healthy” part, get him a selection of marinades and rubs or barbeque tools, such as hot mitts, spatulas and marinade injectors to infuse flavor directly into meat. Better yet, recruit the kids to help prepare healthy homemade barbeque sauces or marinades from ingredients presented in a basket. Speaking of baskets, a new wire one for cooking will turn out perfectly grilled vegetables.

If dad needs to brush up his grilling skills, find local schools and stores that offer classes as an experiential gift option.

The Fitness Buff

Even if the gym dad isn’t participating in marathons, he still enjoys staying in shape. A fitness tracker is an essential starting point to check stats in real-time. Also, an armband that fits his phone or tangle-free earbuds can help take his exercise to the next level and keep him inspired while he’s breaking a sweat. If he’s already set with tech, consider a series of personal training sessions, a health club membership or a pass to try new classes.

The Outdoor Adventurer

There’s exercising, then there’s exercising outside. Many dads do both, but lucky for you that’s two worlds of gifts from which to choose. From golfing to cycling, exercising outdoors is a great way to enjoy being active. Gifts for the outdoor dad may include a new pair of walking or running shoes. Many local fitness stores can do a custom foot analysis to ensure dad’s getting the right shoes for his feet. If it’s time to upgrade dad’s bike for the summer, local shops can help determine the best choice based on what he wants from a bike.

Sun-protective clothing can help shield dad from the sun when he’s out and active. With numerous types of SPF protection, be sure to look for things that will protect him no matter what he’s doing.

The Zen Man

Yoga and meditation are a popular pursuit of dads, too. If he’s new to the practice of self-care, consider setting him up with an app that offers lessons on relaxation at the push of a button. A budding yogi dad might need a new mat for his exercise that’s eco-friendly and thin enough to travel with. If he’s in the group spirit, check out your neighborhood yoga studios for classes. Alternatively, arrange some solo time with a masseuse or other health treatment.