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Healthy Hosting How-To

Tips and Tricks, Plus 8 Touchdown Worthy Recipes

Fall is the season for football tailgates and watch parties. But with that can come empty calories and overeating. Whether you’re the host with the most, or you’re new to the game, being health conscious while serving up tasty fan favorites is a touchdown for everyone.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

To prevent overeating and grazing, keep the snacks out of the main mingling area. This will discourage guests from continuously snacking, which means fewer calories and bigger appetites for the main entrée. The motto, “out of sight, out of mind” works for perfect for this tip.

Portion Control is Key

Smaller plates lead to smaller portion sizes. Try using small plates for appetizers and big salad plates for the main dishes. Ultimately, this tricks the mind into thinking there is more food on the plate than there actually is, which can cut caloric intake.

Cut the Sugary Calories

Beverages are essential to any party, but many party favorites can be high in calories and sugar. Substitute those sugary juices and sodas with club soda or flavored water for mixers while offering an assortment of light beer.

Twist Up the Classics

Everyone’s favorite cheese dip, potato salad and casserole dish are necessary to any party. Add a healthy twist to these classics while still maintaining their full flavor. Try swapping out unhealthy ingredients for an improved alternative.

  • Try swapping high-fat hamburger meat for leaner meats like bison, turkey, fish or lean beef.
  • Ditch the creamy premade deli salads with homemade healthier options. Try swapping some or all the mayo for low-fat yogurt.
  • Don’t cheat on your diet just because you’re tailgating. Have a guilt-free BBQ by incorporating healthy options into the tailgate.

Must-Have Healthy Recipes

For health-conscious people, flavorful and wholesome options are a must for any party. Forget store bought dips and deli salads. Serve hearty, healthy and homemade options instead.

  1. Replace chicken wings with savory Honey Ginger Chicken Bites.
  2. Give your five-layer dip a facelift and feast on a new, flavorful dip that still has it’s fan favorite taste.
  3. Twist up your delicious deviled eggs by substituting mayo for Greek yogurt and Dijon mustard.
  4. Disguise the greens in something everyone loves—French Fries. These Parmesan-Crusted Zucchini Fries are significantly fewer calories than your average fry and are filled with robust flavor.
  5. Replace the ranch dip and make hummus a house favorite. Hummus is packed with protein, vitamins and heart-healthy unsaturated fats. It’s the perfect match for raw veggies.
  6. Chips and salsa are the ultimate game time snack. Avoid store bought ingredients and instead make homemade tortilla chips, salsa and guacamole, which is bursting with good fats.
  7. Pinwheels are a traditional party pleaser. Trying spinning up a new take on an old classic with Pesto Pinwheels.
  8. When the summer sun turns into fall air, it’s chili season. Please your guests with a build-your-own chili bar. It’s the complete warm, guilt-free comfort food.

As people become more health conscious, these tips, tricks and recipes will make you the newest fan favorite after your healthy crowd pleasers become a touchdown for the entire party.