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Healthy Tips

Quick Dose: Meal Prep Success

Meal Planning Made Easy

Meal planning can be intimidating. Simplify the process and get started on your journey to meal prep success with the below dietitian-approved tips.

  • Ease into meal prep, beginning with three dinner entrées per week and slowly building up.
  • Review your typical week to identify times where meal prep would be most helpful, including nights when you arrive home later than usual or nights when the kids have sporting events.
  • Make one or two nutritious meals over the weekend to freeze into portion sizes and easily defrost later in the week.
  • Purchase pre-chopped fruit and vegetables, instant or frozen rice, jarred marinara sauce and dried bean soup mixes.
  • Keep a large container full of fresh-cut vegetables in the refrigerator for ready-to-go snacks and quick additions to salads, stir-fries and side dishes.
  • Use a pressure cooker for quick, one-pot meals.
  • Consider investing in an air fryer as a healthier alternative to preparing traditionally fried foods.
  • Set a consistent theme for each night of the week. See our Taco (Bowl) Tuesday recipe below.
  • Set aside enough time in your schedule to prepare dinners, even with meal delivery services.

The following recipe, a great option for a healthy lunch or dinner, allows you to prepare all of the ingredients in advance and then combine them for a quick meal when you are on the go.


Download Meal Planning Template

Download Quick Dose: Meal Prep Success