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Healthy Tips

Quick Dose: When Is the Best Time to Shower?

When is the best time to shower? There’s no right or wrong answer, and the time you choose is really based on personal preference. However, there are a few (un)scientific reasons to consider.

Morning showers are best if you need to:

  • Meditate or solve a problem. As the saying goes, “The world’s greatest thoughts happen in the shower,” and first thing in the day is when you have a clear mind and few distractions.
  • Shave. Blood-clotting platelets are at their highest levels in the morning, so if you nick yourself, you will heal faster.

Evening showers are your thing if you want to:

  • Clean your face thoroughly, especially if you have oily skin. Oil production peaks mid-day so an evening shower is a good time to wash away all the makeup, dirt and pollutants from the day.
  • Sleep like a baby. Taking a shower at night is a natural sleep inducer because your internal body temperature rises and falls, aligning with your body’s natural temperatures to help you ease into a sound slumber.

Showers are an important part of any hygiene routine, but when you take them is up to you!