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The Keys to Keeping Your Resolutions

Successful Strategies to Meet Your Goals 

Every year, we resolve to live a little healthier. January 1st arrives and we commit to eating better, working out more or tackling our bad habits. New Year’s resolutions can be an important part of our lives and serve as an excellent check-in for our health and wellness. Even better? Turning those resolutions into habits and essential parts of our daily routine.

As you look over your list, keep in mind these five tips for achieving your New Year’s resolutions.

Write, Plan, Track

Hopefully you took some time to plan out your resolutions for the New Year. If you’re keeping them in your head, it’s not too late. Take the time to write down what you want to accomplish along with a timeline for achieving your goals. Then, set up checkpoints and track your progress over the course of the year.

Be Small, Specific, and Realistic

When writing down your resolutions, be as specific as possible. It will make it easier to track and chart your progress. Keep your resolutions small and realistic – you’ll be more likely to achieve your goals and move on to bigger and better targets.

Get Support

Tell your friends and family about your resolutions and listen to what they want to accomplish. Support each other – maybe even work toward the same goals – and talk through what works and where you need help. If you’re focusing on fitness, consider joining a class or visiting a health center to keep you committed.

Give Yourself Time

Certain goals – particularly habit-changing resolutions – will need time to take root. Don’t be discouraged if you’re relapsing by February – you have the whole year to get on the right track. Small and realistic goals will offer quicker gratification, but larger goals will take time. In certain cases, you might end up working toward your resolution well into the following year – that’s okay too!

Give Yourself a Break

You’re forgiven for struggling with your new goals. It takes 21 days for an activity to become a habit, and six months for it to be part of your daily routine. As long as you keep trying and stick with your plan, you stand a good shot of achieving your resolutions.