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Medical Advances

What Makes Us Better, Makes You Better

How Northwestern Medicine is All in For Better

Best is an endpoint; a place where improvement tends to slow. That’s why Northwestern Medicine strives to be better. Because better medicine means no pencils down, no finish lines, no end.

Anchored by Northwestern Memorial Hospital, the number one hospital in Illinois, Northwestern Medicine believes in better thinking, resources, and above all, better people working together to give our communities access to a better experience, every single day. From breakthrough research to the latest advancements in technology to our compassionate care teams, we offer better solutions to all of the speed bumps life can throw your way. So that when you or someone you love needs us, we’ll be there.

Here are five ways Northwestern Medicine is committed to better.

1. Breakthroughs in Research

The dedicated research teams of Northwestern Medicine work tirelessly to find answers. They dedicate countless hours to studying genetic observations and testing hundreds of breakthrough clinical trials. From new approaches to faster recoveries, better outcomes are our constant pursuit.

2. Advancements in Technology

Whether it’s an everyday checkup or a more complex visit with one of our top specialists, Northwestern Medicine is dedicated to providing better solutions for every patient. We utilize the most advanced technologies, treatments and medicine, because we work to help you be a better you.

3. Better People

No matter the reason for your visit, the top physicians, nurses and care teams of Northwestern Medicine provide personalized care for every patient.

4. Continued Expertise

Our entire health system is dedicated to better. We’re proud to lead the way in innovative procedures and medicines. It’s this drive that gives every patient the reassurance and confidence they deserve.

5. Closer Access

Across every one of our over 100 locations across Chicagoland and northern Illinois, we’re all in for better. Meaning, whether you live downtown, in the northern or western suburbs or in northern Illinois, Northwestern Medicine is in your community. It’s all part of our continued commitment to bring world-class care close to where you live and work.

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