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Transgender Couple Welcomes Baby

Thoughtful Care Makes a Difference in this Birth Story

As a transgender couple, Myles and Precious Brady-Davis are used to educating physicians and nurses on their healthcare needs and concerns during first visits and often even routine follow-ups.

That wasn’t the case when they met Julie L. Barton, MD, an obstetrician and gynecologist who the South Side Chicago couple selected as the doctor for the birth of their first child, delivered by Myles at Prentice Women’s Hospital.

“I was really nervous about meeting her and had all this anxiety,” said Myles, who refers to himself as transmasculine. “It turns out I didn’t have any reason to be. She is also a member of the LGBTQ community and made sure we had an amazing experience.”

Myles was the first transgender man to deliver at Prentice Women’s Hospital, and the couple’s journey was documented on the TLC show “My Pregnant Husband.” With Dr. Barton and Prentice labor and delivery nurses helping, Myles and Precious welcomed their baby girl, Zayn, without complications.

The pair said the most unique thing about their situation was having a camera crew follow them, the first crew to film a labor and delivery at Prentice in nearly a decade.

They also couldn’t believe that one of the nurses had nearly the same distinct name as their newborn daughter. For them, it was another sign they were in the right place.

“I really appreciate the care they put into the entire birthing process, and working with Dr. Barton and her entire team,” said Precious. “We were there for four days, and it felt really special.”

Northwestern Medicine recently launched a new Gender Pathways Program designed to provide not just masculinizing and feminizing surgeries but the entire spectrum of sensitive care to the transgender community.

Inspired by Zayn’s birth, Prentice labor and delivery nurses also asked for and received specialized training in caring for transgender patients.

The Brady-Davis family hopes their birth story, and the loving care they show for each other and their new baby, helps lead to changing attitudes toward the transgender community. Illinois officials allowed Myles to be listed as the father and Precious to be listed as the mother on Zayn’s birth certificate, a first for the state.

“Myles and I are not a punchline,” Precious said. “We are leaders in the trans community, and it was important that we shed a positive light on our community. Thank you to Dr. Barton and the team at Prentice for helping us accomplish that.”

Dr. Barton lauded the couple’s courage in sharing their journey with the public.

“Myles and Precious are so brave to share their birth experience to help others understand just one of many challenges faced by the trans community,” Dr. Barton said. “I’m delighted that I could share this moment with them.”

Gender Pathways Program

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