The Northwestern Medicine Community Partnership Program

Our Priorities, by the Numbers

Access To Care

$65,000,000+ Provided in charity care last year

100,000+ Medicaid patients served last year

Stronger Communities

37,000+ Lives touched by TURN (The Urban Resilience Network)

33,000+ Currently employed by Northwestern Medicine

Training The Next Generation

1,500+ Students in youth programs since ‘97

180+ Students in youth education last year

Evidence Based Intervention

17 years Of healthy lifestyle education and programming

$150,000+ Funding for community led research


Overcoming Racial Health Disparities

Northwestern Medicine and the City of Chicago’s Racial Equity Rapid Response Team share planned actions to overcome racial health disparities.

Northwestern Medicine employees passing out supplies during pandemic.

Committed to Community During COVID-19

Northwestern Medicine quickly pivoted during the pandemic to anticipate community needs beyond care delivery. Read about our local response to COVID-19.

Image of black leaders in the Chicagoland community.

Clergy & Clinicians Health Series

This community health video series, brought to you by Northwestern Medicine, focuses on health challenges that African Americans face today.


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