Two Hospitals, One Commitment

For decades, Central DuPage Hospital (CDH) and Delnor Hospital pursued a common goal just miles from each other in Chicago’s western suburbs — to bring excellent care to people in DuPage and Kane Counties.

In the process, both organizations grew from community hospitals into nationally recognized centers for quality health care. As part of Cadence Health, CDH and Delnor merged proud traditions to create a future of better health for your family — and for the community as a whole.

Central DuPage Hospital 

Since opening in 1964, Central DuPage Hospital (CDH) has grown from a 113-bed acute care facility with 66 physicians, to a full-service hospital with three times the beds and more than 900 physicians on the medical staff. This small community hospital has also evolved into an award-winning, nationally recognized health center that offers next generation care and continues to find new ways to better serve you and your family.

Roots of Caring

CDH sits on land that has a century-long history of health service. In 1897, Winfield, Illinois, was selected as the site for a family-run rest home near what is now the main entrance to CDH. The two-story frame building was set on a wooded hillside, with grounds that reached to the DuPage River. Ten years later, the building was sold and reopened as the Chicago-Winfield Tuberculosis Sanatorium. In the following decades, more land was acquired and a new sanitarium was rebuilt on the same site.

In 1958, a citizens’ group incorporated as the Central DuPage Hospital Association (CDHA), with the purpose to establish a much-needed hospital in the area. The community pooled its resources to raise funds and in 1963, the CDHA purchased the sanitarium and remodeled and expanded it to become the new CDH.

CDH Over the Years

By 1970, CDH had more than doubled in size. An ongoing need for additional services and medical specialties resulted in continued expansion over the coming years.

Today, CDH is nationally recognized as one of the best hospitals in the region, with leading-edge technology and some of the finest medical talent available on the medical staff. Though one element from that small community hospital will always remain: an unwavering commitment to patient-focused care.

Delnor Hospital

Delnor Hospital traces its health care roots back to the start of the last century. In 1908, Dr. Raymond G. Scott founded Colonial Hospital, a nine-bed facility housed in a stately home in the heart of Geneva. A compassionate caregiver, Dr. Scott introduced medical innovations that were met with skepticism at the time — such as rubber gloves and antiseptic conditions during surgery. By 1925, the growing population needed a bigger hospital. A community-wide fundraising effort led to the opening of a new facility, now named Community Hospital, at a larger location.

Delnor Hospital Opens

On Thanksgiving Day, 1940, a 25-bed hospital opened in St. Charles, Illinois. The new facility was named Delnor Hospital after its generous benefactors Dellora A. and Lester J. Norris. This beautiful facility featured interiors designed by nationally known interior decorator, Dorothy Draper; while the medical areas were equipped with the most up-to-date technology of the time. Over the years, the hospital expanded to 105 beds and became recognized throughout Illinois.

Mrs. Norris was involved in virtually every step of the design and construction of Delnor Hospital. The facility was her dream and her legacy to the community. She served for 40 years as a board member and was one of Delnor’s most active and dedicated volunteers.

Community and Delnor Come Together

Over the years, both Delnor Hospital and Community Hospital received ongoing support and strength from area individuals — including board members, volunteers, the medical staff, employees and community leaders. These fundraising efforts fueled expansion and growth by providing advanced medical equipment, technology and facilities to better serve a growing community. In 1986, Delnor and Community Hospitals merged to form the Delnor-Community Hospital. Another community-wide fundraising campaign paved the way for continued improvement. In 1991, a new three-story hospital, now simply called Delnor, opened its doors — sharing architectural charm, compassionate care and the latest medical innovations.

Today, Delnor Hospital is recognized as an award-winning hospital that shares a commitment to deliver high-quality care through state-of-the-art technology, unwavering patient focus and seamless access to advanced services.