Intensive Outpatient Programs in the Southern Suburbs

Intensive Outpatient Programs

Intensive Outpatient Programs in the Southern Suburbs

Northwestern Medicine Behavioral Health Services offers Intensive Outpatient Programs in the southern suburbs to treat psychiatric, substance use or co-occurring disorders. These structured outpatient programs offer even more support than traditional outpatient treatment and are offered six days a week.

For those needing more intensive treatment, consider our Partial Hospital Program.

Starting Intensive Outpatient Care

Ask your behavioral health expert if an Intensive Outpatient Program is right for you. After assessing your symptoms and health history, we may recommend an Intensive Outpatient Program that focuses on:

  • Depression, anxiety or another mental health condition that disrupts your thoughts, feelings and behaviors
  • Substance use disorders or addiction
  • Co-occurring disorders – Mental health conditions that occur along with substance use

Group Therapy: Your Foundation for Treatment

During Intensive Outpatient care, you will join groups that meet regularly for therapy and are tailored to your individual needs. A behavioral health specialist leads the meetings, which provide a safe, structured, supportive environment for you to:

  • Build coping skills
  • Discover ways to productively express your wants and needs
  • Explore how to maintain good personal relationships
  • Find out how your peers manage their condition
  • Gain conflict-resolution and problem-solving abilities
  • Get constructive feedback on how others relate to you
  • Motivate yourself to practice healthy habits
  • Receive and give encouragement
  • Learn about your condition
  • Get validation from others who share your experience

Partial Hospital Program

The Partial Hospital Program is a full-day program offered by Northwestern Medicine Behavioral Health Services at Northwestern Medicine Orland Park. The program allows you to live at home while benefiting from intensive behavioral health care.

You may begin behavioral health treatment with partial hospitalization, or use our program as an excellent follow-up to inpatient care. Our program can be an integral part of your care plan to help you achieve your life goals.

Partial Hospital Options

Participants follow one of two tracks in the Partial Hospital Program:

  • Psychiatric – Helps you recover from a mental health condition, such as depression, bipolar disorder or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Co-occurring disorder – Treatment for both a mental health condition and substance use disorder

In either track, you will spend time every day in several therapy groups led by a supportive behavioral health specialist. You will:

  • Build problem-solving and coping skills
  • Get encouragement
  • Learn how to cope with stress
  • Learn healthy ways of relating to your peers

In addition, individual counseling and family therapy will help you feel better and improve your relationships.

After getting care each day, you will return to the comfort of your home.

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