Chemotherapy and Hormone Therapy


Chemotherapy uses medications to destroy cancer cells in your body, usually by stopping their ability to grow and divide. Chemotherapy medications can have improved effectiveness in treating brain tumors when used in combination with other treatments.

Temozolomide is the medicine most often used for many types of brain tumors. Your care team may also recommend one or a combination of chemotherapy medications to treat your tumor.

Chemotherapy is given in cycles. You are treated for a period of time and then you have some time to rest. Chemotherapy can be given on a single day, a few days in a row, or continuously for a set amount of time. Your cycle of treatment could repeat every week or every month.

Hormone therapy

Hormones can encourage some brain cancers to grow. Hormone therapy can help prevent the growth, spread and recurrence of your disease. If your care team determines that your cancer cells have receptors that attract hormones, medications may be prescribed to reduce your body’s production of these hormones or to stop the negative impact they have on your cancer.