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Treating Head and Neck Cancer

Treating head and neck cancer requires extraordinary skill and experience to achieve the best possible outcome. The team at the Head and Neck Multidisciplinary Clinic at Northwestern Memorial Hospital has a remarkable depth of expertise and is one of only few programs in the Midwest dedicated to treating patients affected by head and neck cancer. We make every effort to ensure that the details of each patient's cancer, medical conditions and social background are considered by the team of physicians and staff to develop a comprehensive treatment plan that fully meets the needs of the patient and the family.


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For more information or to request an appointment in downtown Chicago, contact the Head and Neck Multidisciplinary Clinic at Northwestern Memorial Hospital at 312.695.8182.

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The Head and Neck Multidisciplinary Clinic at Northwestern Memorial Hospital provides innovative, personalized care for patients and families affected by head and neck cancer.

Meet the Head and Neck Multidisciplinary Clinic Team

Specialty Care Areas

Larynx Cancer

Expertise in management of early and advanced laryngeal cancers providing high outcomes

Nasal and Sinus Cancer

Expertise in focused radiation therapy techniques for head and neck cancers and minimally invasive surgery for nasal, sinus and skull base tumors

Oral and Tongue Cancer

Experts in the management of oral cancers, and advanced reconstructive surgery to restore appearance and function

Salivary Gland Cancer

Comprehensive, compassionate care in modern, patient-centered facility specializing in the treatment of salivary gland cancer

Throat Cancer

Access to leading-edge treatments, novel therapies, with nationally recognized surgeons utilizing minimally invasive techniques and robotic surgery

Thyroid Cancer

Experts in the management of thyroid cancers with on-site ultrasound-guided biopsy, and access to the most advanced treatments

Why Choose Northwestern Medicine

The Head and Neck Multidisciplinary Clinic at Northwestern Memorial Hospital focuses on providing the most comprehensive care for our patients, bringing together experts across an array of medical disciplines. Our diverse team of oncologists, surgeons, radiation oncologists, neuro-radiologists and reconstructive surgeons have extensive training.

Together, they collaborate to deliver leading-edge care while utilizing the benefits of minimally invasive techniques, recent advances in drug therapy, proton therapy, robotic surgery and advanced reconstructive surgery methods to maximize the likelihood of a cure while still preserving a high quality of life for our patients.

Recognized Experts

The head and neck program works in partnership with Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, which is proud to be a nationally recognized cancer program by U.S. News & World Report. Northwestern Memorial Hospital is also the only Illinois hospital on the national Honor Roll for 12 straight years and through the head and neck program provides innovative research and education. Our clinical experts deliver personalized care that sets us apart as a national leader in the battle to overcome cancer.

Advanced Treatments Providing Better Outcomes

northwestern-medicine-x-rayOur team members specialize in minimally invasive surgery, robotic and reconstructive surgery, radiation techniques including image-guided radiation therapy, intensity-modulated radiation therapy, proton therapy, and stereotactic radiosurgery, all of which are designed to attack cancer while minimizing damage to healthy tissues.

When treatment of cancer demands more extensive surgery, our experts in reconstructive surgery can use advanced microvascular techniques and computerized virtual surgical planning to achieve the best cosmetic and functional outcomes.

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    Northwestern Medicine Head and Neck Program
    Northwestern Medicine Head and Neck Program

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    If you or someone you love is facing cancer, clinical trials may provide an alternative. Northwestern Medicine offers clinical studies for a wide variety of types and stages of cancer.

    Referring Physicians

    Open communication and cooperation with referring physicians is a critical component of achieving high-quality care and minimizing the challenges that come with treating head and neck cancer. For physician-to-physician consultation regarding the best patient care, please contact the Head and Neck Multidisciplinary Clinic.

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