Pregnancy and Marfan Syndrome

Pregnancy and Marfan Syndrome

Pregnancy places unique demands on the mother’s cardiovascular system. In the case of women with Marfan syndrome, pregnancy and the subsequent delivery place further stress on the already compromised cardiovascular system, especially the weak aorta.

Marfan syndrome is an autosomal dominant inherited condition, which means it occurs equally in both men and women and can be passed down from either parent with Marfan syndrome. Women and men with Marfan syndrome may want to consider the 50 percent possibility of passing on the gene that causes Marfan syndrome to their unborn child.

Women with Marfan syndrome who would like further information regarding pregnancy or need guidance as to whether or not getting pregnant is a healthy option are encouraged to contact the Heart Disease and Pregnancy Program at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

The purpose of the Heart Disease and Pregnancy Program is to provide specialized care for pregnant women with heart disease to help achieve a successful outcome for both mother and baby. 

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