Treatments for Marfan Syndrome

The most serious potential complications of Marfan syndrome are cardiovascular. The abnormalities of the connective tissue can cause the aortic root and aorta to become weak and dilated, leading to aneurysm formation. Aneurysm places strain on the aortic root and aorta potentially leading to:

  • Sudden dissection or tear within the inner wall of the aortic root and/or aorta
  • Rupture of the aortic root and/or aorta, which can lead to sudden death

In addition, the mitral valve can prolapse, causing backward flow of blood within the heart. This creates a murmur (abnormal extra sound made when the heart beats) that is heard in many, but not all, patients with Marfan syndrome. If mitral valve prolapse is left untreated, heart failure may develop.


Treatments for cardiovascular complications of Marfan syndrome may include:

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