Patient Recordings

Relaxation Recordings for Current Patients

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Relaxation Recording

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Progressive Muscle Relaxation with Dr. Andrea Bradford (17 min 25 sec)

Diaphragmatic Breathing with Dr. Sarah Quinton (16 min 20 sec)

GERD Home Practice with Dr. Kathryn Tomasino (15 min 40 sec)

IBS Home Practice with Dr. Kathryn Tomasino (15 min 08 sec)

At-home Hypnosis Practice with Dr. Anjali Pandit (20 min)

Beach Imagery with Dr. Anjali Pandit (9 min 31 sec)

Progressive Relaxation with Dr. Anjali Pandit (23 min 07 sec)

IBD Home Practice with Dr. Kathryn Tomasino (12 min 45 sec)