If you require emergency medical attention, please call 911 to access your local emergency services.


Corneal Injury Treatments

If you have something in your eye, follow these first aid rules:

  1. Flush your eye with water.
  2. To increase your tear flow, pull your upper lid away from the eye.
  3. Don’t attempt to pull out anything that won’t flush out with water.
  4. If the object remains in your eye, keep your eye closed and have someone drive you to the emergency room. Do not apply any pressure to the eye.

If you need to seek treatment at the Emergency Room or your physician’s office, treatment may include:

  • Foreign object removal
  • Eye drops and ointments to avoid infection
  • Eye patch or contact lens “bandage”
  • Pain medication
  • Avoiding prescription contact lenses until the eye is fully healed

When corneal injuries have caused edema (swelling), sodium chloride eye drops or ointment can provide relief.