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The goal of Northwestern Medicine Personal Physician Care is to provide patients with the most personalized and attentive care possible. Through Northwestern Medicine’s Personal Physician Care concierge medicine program, patients pay an annual membership fee to receive comprehensive care through the services outlined below. This approach allows our physicians more time with every patient, giving them the opportunity to better understand patients’ lifestyles and health histories so that they can become a full partner and guide in health and wellness.

Northwestern Medicine Personal Physician Care services include:

Comprehensive Internal Medicine Services 
Our physicians offer comprehensive internal medicine care along with personal consultations for overall health and wellness. 

Extended Physician Visits 
Because our physicians have a smaller number of patients, they are able to spend more time with each patient. Your visits will last 30-60 minutes, rather than the 10-15 minutes most primary care physicians can spend with each of their patients. 

Little or No Waiting 
Your scheduled appointments will occur on time with little or no waiting in the patient waiting room. 

Same Day / Next Day Appointments 
You will be able to see our physicians on a same-day or next-office-day basis. 

Lifestyle and Wellness Assessment 
Our physicians will perform a comprehensive assessment of your lifestyle and wellness patterns to identify opportunities and make recommendations for optimizing your health and wellbeing. 

Direct Access to Your Physician and Care Team 
Our physicians provide you with a direct phone line and email address to allow easy access to reach your physician and care team at any time for medical problems that may arise during or outside regular office hours.

Discounted fees for certain Northwestern Medicine clinical services not billable to insurance, including:
Integrative Medicine: 25 percent off non-insured services, including massage (unless billed with chiropractic services), acupuncture (unless insurance covers), naturopath, dietitian (unless member has coverage with accepted plan).

Care Coordination and Logistical Support 
On staff at Northwestern Memorial Hospital for a combined 28+ years, our physicians have developed professional relationships with many trusted specialists and consulting physicians. Our physicians and their dedicated staff will coordinate and orchestrate all of your care, including proactively communicating with specialists. The office is also able to support you with specialist and diagnostic testing appointment scheduling upon request. 

Customized Treatment Research and Information 
If you have questions about your care or seek specialized research or information about a health issue, our physicians will perform this research and provide you with personalized feedback.

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For more information about Personal Physician Care with Dr. Audrey Tatar:
Please call 312.926.2700 or email

For more information about Personal Physician Care with Dr. Kenneth Arbetter:
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For more information about Personal Physician Care with Dr. Mirela Savcic:
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Personal Physician Care
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As a member of Northwestern Medicine Personal Physician Care, your physician will partner with you to optimize your health and actively coordinate the medical care you need.