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Our surgeons treat a wide variety of esophageal disorders with minimally invasive and robotic techniques. At Northwestern Medicine, you are the center of your care team. We will work with you to create a care plan that fits your specific needs. Our team includes specially trained experts and support staff who provide world-class care.

Our specialized team uses techniques including:

  • Esophageal resections, which removes part of your esophagus, often to treat cancer
  • Fundoplication, a surgery to treat hiatal hernia
  • Procedures to lengthen an esophagus, often used to treat the cause of an esophageal disorder
  • Transoral stapling (without an incision) to treat Zenker's diverticulum

We specialize in treating complex esophageal diseases such as:

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    Canning Thoracic Institute Second Opinion Program

    A team performing a surgery at the Northwestern Medicine Canning Thoracic Institute.

    When your lung or chest condition requires complex treatments or major surgery, it makes sense to get a second opinion.

    Clinical Trials and Research

    A female scientist working in a white sterile laboratory.

    The Simpson Querrey Lung Institute for Translational Science (SQLIFTS) at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine uses a bedside-to-bench-to-bedside approach to seamlessly integrate patient care with research.