Treatments of Female Urologic Conditions

Patients with urologic conditions are evaluated and managed with emphasis on an integrated, multidisciplinary approach. All of the team members are recognized leaders in their field of expertise, and all potential therapeutic options are considered and discussed with each patient, including:

  • Observation (no active treatment)
  • Hormone replacement therapy
  • Medical management for treatment of infection or pain
  • Pessary (removable therapeutic device to support the pelvic organs)
  • Physical therapy to stimulate or strengthen pelvic muscles
  • Surgery may be recommended to:
    • Repair a fistula
    • Secure a prolapsed bladder
    • Insert a sling to support the neck of the bladder
    • Implant a bladder pacemaker
    • Inject collagen in the bladder sphincter
    • Dilate the urethra