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Northwestern Medicine Fertility and Reproductive Medicine Program.

Emotional Support

The Northwestern Medicine Center for Fertility and Reproductive Medicine team understands that the journey to parenthood can sometimes take a long and circuitous path. Through work with patients, as well as available research, we know that infertility, pregnancy loss and other reproductive concerns can take an emotional toll on individuals, couples and families.

Because infertility and its treatment can result in diverse emotional reactions, we offer personalized pretreatment psychological consultation, individual and couples counseling, psychological assessment and emotional support to you through the treatment process and beyond. These emotional support services focus on the often complex nature of stress and coping with fertility treatment and address:

  • Understanding and adjusting to the feelings of grief and loss that may arise if you need to use donor eggs, sperm or a gestational carrier
  • Exploring the decision to become a single parent
  • Treating depression or anxiety
  • Managing relationship issues with your partner, family and/or friends
  • Coping with negative pregnancy test results or pregnancy loss
  • Managing non-fertility related stress

An appointment with our licensed psychologists, who specialize in women's reproductive health, is scheduled for you as part of the IVF registration process, when using donor sperm, eggs, or a gestational carrier. However, there are other times when appointments could be beneficial to you. These include:

  • After negative pregnancy results or a pregnancy loss
  • When unsure about emotional readiness to continue or end treatment
  • With questions or concerns about choosing or coping with third-party reproduction (egg donor, sperm donor, gestational carrier) or adoption
  • When considering disclosing your use of assisted reproduction to your child or others
  • When considering multiple pregnancy reduction or pregnancy termination
  • If you have been diagnosed with cancer or are concerned about your future fertility
  • If your mood begins to interfere with your daily functioning, your relationship, your work, or other aspects of your life
  • If you and/or your partner notice increased difficulties in your relationship

LGBTQ families

We take pride in helping individuals and couples build their families. Our faculty and staff provide an inclusive and supportive environment to all of our patients undergoing fertility treatment. There are many paths to parenthood for same-sex couples, and we will be there to help guide you on your path to parenthood.

Meet the Team

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We are proud to support all individuals and families on their paths to parenthood. We promise personalized, comprehensive and compassionate care, from our family to yours.

Meet the Center for Fertility and Reproductive Medicine Team

Treatment Options


  • Depression And Anxiety
  • Endometriosis
  • Fibroids
  • Infertility
  • Menstrual Irregularities
  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
  • Subfertility
  • Tubal Disease

Financial Coordination

We understand that financial considerations frequently play a significant role in the decisions patients make regarding infertility treatment. We have dedicated Insurance Coordinators in our division to assist you with your financial needs. They are committed to assisting you and are available to:

  • Work with you to determine your insurance coverage and benefits for infertility or any other services
  • Discuss alternative financial arrangements if you do not have insurance coverage, or if your insurance does not cover the entirety of your services
  • Navigate the pre-certification process for certain services and insurance companies
  • Follow-up on any billing inquiries
Our Managed Care Coordinators can be reached at 312.695.7269.

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    Northwestern Medicine Center for Fertility and Reproductive Medicine

    The Center for Fertility and Reproductive Medicine offers an array of comprehensive fertility options in a comfortable and supportive environment.

    In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

    In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is the most complex and successful treatment for infertility. IVF is most commonly used for couples and individuals with infertility, but can also be used to permit women about to undergo treatment for cancer or other diseases to store embryos prior to their treatment.

    Dr. Bernardi meets with an African American patient, discussing recurrent pregnancy loss solutions

    Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Clinic

    Recurrent pregnancy loss can be physically and emotionally difficult. At the Northwestern Medicine Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Clinic, we help people become parents by offering comprehensive care that addresses both their medical and psychological needs.

    Two Northwestern Medicine providers in the lab

    Clinical Trials

    Our Fertility experts lead groundbreaking research related to infertility and reproduction. We are constantly evolving into the next generation of clinical treatments.

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    IVF Teaching Presentation

    Egg, sperm donation and gestational surrogacy

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    • California Cryobank: Founded in 1977, California Cryobank (CCB) is a full-service sperm bank providing a comprehensive resource for frozen donor sperm, private semen cryopreservation, and specialized reproductive services.
    • Seattle Sperm Bank: The Seattle Sperm Bank offers comprehensive genetic testing and screening practices, as well as Open ID vials.

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