LFH Nursing Strategic Plan

Lake Forest Hospital Nursing Strategic Plan

Though integration of the inter-professional practice model based on relationship-based care and strategies to meet the goals of Northwestern Medicine, nursing at Lake Forest Hospital looks to redefine, reimagine and recommit to sustaining an engaged culture, to be accountable to drive change and influence innovation and advance the synchronicity of the health care team to improve care delivery, to achieve exemplary outcomes and enhance professional nursing practice.


Goal #1: Improve the culture of engagement


  • Ensure individual and leadership competencies through professional development opportunities focused on the NM attributes of the clinical nurse and the NM attributes of the (Nurse) leader
  • POC-Improve cultural awareness at the unit/department level by fostering caring for a diverse population
  • Create recognition programs at all levels
  • Develop a mentoring program to support nursing leadership development and succession planning

Goal #2: Cultivate innovation and evidence-based exemplary practice patterns


  • POC-To reduce missed nursing care and achieve/exceed targets established for the organizational/departmental framework of RREG
  • Achieve Magnet redesignation

Goal #3: Improve the synchronicity of the health care team


  • Revise shared leadership model/supporting core councils to advance inter-professional representation and implement strategies to support the domains (tenets) of the PPM
  • POC-Ensure the attainment of BSN goals and certification rates

Goal #4: Incorporate new knowledge to drive improvements in effective and efficient care


  • POC-Advance the delivery by unit/department Nursing LADDER projects, Improvement projects and at least two nursing research projects