LFH Shared Leadership and Decision Making

Shared Leadership and Decision Making

NMLFH Nursing Shared Leadership is based on a congressional model of staff representation in a councilor model encouraging interprofessional staff, nursing and leadership to achieve consensus decision-making.

The health care team works together to advance shared decision-making along with creating, sustaining, and supporting councils to advance the development, implementation and evaluation of the goals of the nursing strategic plan and the tenets of the interprofessional practice model.


 Abbreviation  Council Full Name


 Executive Advisory Council
 Manager Operations Council
 LDOC  Leadership Department Operations Council
 PCLC  Patient Care Leadership Council
 TICC  Technology and Internal Communications Council
 PFAC  Patient and Family Advisory Council
 REBPC  Research and Evidence-Based Practice Council
 CNLC  Clinical Nursing Leadership Council
 POC  Practice Operations Council
 NOOC  Nursing Onboarding & Orientation Council
 NPDEC  Nursing Professional Development and Education Council
 NORC  Nursing Outreach and Recognition Council
 NSSC  Nursing Staffing and Scheduling Council

Clinical Nurse Leadership Council (CNLC)
The CNLC is a congressional model of staff leadership wherein the chair of the nursing unit based practice operations council and reporting Core Councils come together to discuss issues related to nursing practice and the practice environment, review new evidence, best practice and metrics associated with the themes of the nursing strategic plan. Collaborate with Core Councils to make recommendations for current and future process improvements related to the interprofessional practice model and to advance the implementation and evaluation of the Nursing Strategic Plan.

Patient Care Leadership Council (PCLC)
The PCLC is a congressional model where ancillary and support services partner with nursing representatives, core councils, and operational leaders to identify and drive improvements that support the interprofessional decision-making model and advance the work of the Nursing Strategic Plan. Foster alignment among departments and share information on the current and future state of the organization and system and to disseminate information in support of NLFH’s Interprofessional Practice Model / Relationship Based Care.

Technology and Internal Communications Council (TICC)
The TICC is to establish/implement a standardized approach to ensure the end users are aware of appropriate use of the Electronic Health Record (EHR) and internal communication devices to support safe and effective hospital operations. This council works closely with the Clinical Communications Oversite Committee (CCOC) to ensure potential issues are vetted, prioritized and addressed.

Patient/Family Advisory Council (PFAC)
The PFAC enriches the partnership between patients, families, and hospital/nursing leadership. This council serves to promote and enhance patientfamily centered care through sharing personal perspectives, participation in improvement efforts to advance the patient's first experience, requesting presentations of particular interest, and providing recommendations for the promotion of health, wellness, and patient safety.

Research and Evidence-Based Practice Council (REBPC)
The REBPC provides a forum to assist the Department of Nursing in promoting/coordinating nursing and interprofessional research and evidence-based practice as well as quality/process improvement at LFH.

Nursing Outreach and Recognition Council (NORC)
The NORC is to promote and reward nursing excellence, to advance the image of the Lake Forest Hospital Northwestern Medicine nurses, to partner with community outreach to improve the health and wellness of the populations served, and to give back to the community/hospital or health care system through fund-raising activities.

Nursing Professional Development and Education Council (NPDEC)
The purpose of the NPLEC is to lead the department of nursing in advancing nursing excellence and professional advancement through the promotion of new knowledge utilizing an Evidence Based Practice (EBP) approach to lead annual evaluation of Professional Practice Model (PPM) and Structural framework for the department of nursing and to drive patient education initiatives to support the Nursing Strategic Plan.

Nursing Onboarding and Orientation Council (NOOC)
The NOOC provides an evidence-based standardized organizational orientation/onboarding program for all new nursing staff (including techs) hired at LFH/GL. This orientation will incorporate the Relationship-Based Care framework and will encompass pre-hire, Patient Care Services (PCS) orientation, onboarding, and the new hires' first year experience.  Benner’s novice to expert stages of development and skill acquisition will be considered as it relates to curriculum, skills, competency and preceptor development.

Nursing Staffing and Scheduling Council (NSSC)
The NSSC identifies trends and global staffing and scheduling-based initiatives that improve patient care, employee morale, safe and appropriate care through staffing and scheduling means, equitability, and nursing practice. Provide recommendations to enhance nursing autonomy in decisions regarding staffing and scheduling. Leverage the understanding of policies, fair and just culture, current practices to develop tools, ideas, and processes that can be rolled out through Lake Forest and Grayslake nursing teams.