Current Residents

Shahd Kattom, Pharm.D.


Hometown: Oswego, IL

College of pharmacy and graduating year: Midwestern University Downers Grove. Class of 2023

Professional interests: Ambulatory Care, Pediatrics, Critical Care

Residency project: Optimal Midodrine dosing in critically ill patients requiring intravenous vasopressors.

Why did you decide to pursue a residency? I chose to pursue a residency in order to build a stronger foundation of clinical expertise in order to be a valuable resource to the healthcare team and prioritize patient care.

Plans after completion of PGY1? My plan after residency is to continue to gain experience in the acute care setting and later transition to an ambulatory care setting.

Hobbies and interests? Outside of pharmacy, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, cooking and traveling.

Zaid Jasany, Pharm.D.


Hometown: Oak Lawn, IL

College of pharmacy and graduating year: Midwestern University - college of pharmacy, Glendale, Arizona. Class of 2023

Professional interests: I am highly interested in acute care, specifically infectious diseases.

Residency project: Effects of pharmacy driven MRSA nasal PCR swab protocol on length of anti-MRSA antibiotic use and length of contact precautions. This project is aimed to study the benefits of an early, pharmacist-driven MRSA nasal swab protocol to reduce the use anti-MRSA antibiotics. Part of the project will also focus on comparing the length of hospital stay between patients who are screened early vs those who test positive later on.

Why did you decide to pursue a residency? Residency represents a great learning opportunity and can open the door for clinical positions in the world of pharmacy. The different learning experiences on various hospital units, and even the outpatient setting, provide a better understanding of the role of clinical pharmacists and their impact on patient care. Based on my personal background as a former lab technologist, I developed a great passion for an inpatient setting, and I found this residency program can offer the exact level of training needed to advance my future career as a clinical pharmacist.

Plans after completion of PGY1? My current plan is to pursue a clinical/inpatient pharmacist position. Future plans include expanding my learning and knowledge in the world of infectious diseases and utilize the PGY1 experience to advance my future clinical pharmacy career.

Hobbies and interests? I enjoy listening to music and playing a music instrument known as "Qanoun" or "Kanun." I also enjoy swimming and running in my free time.