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Program Mission


NMH Residency Program Faculty
The mission of the Northwestern Medicine Acute Care Physical Therapy Residency is to develop physical therapists with highly specialized skills in the rehabilitation of the medically complex acute care patient. Residents and faculty will seek to improve the health of our local community and the knowledge of our professional colleagues by fostering a culture of quality education and research to encourage excellence of practice, science-based clinical reasoning, and lifelong learning.


Program Features

The Northwestern Medicine Acute Care Physical Therapy Residency is an intensive 12 month program beginning in August of each year.

  • Clinical Care: Resident will spend 1,500+ hours evaluating and treating patients at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, the only Illinois hospital on the national Honor Roll for 12 straight years. Service area rotations include: cardiopulmonary/cardiothoracic surgery, emergency department, general surgery, general medicine, orthopedics, neurosciences/neurosurgery, obstetrics, and oncology.
  • Education: Resident will partake in service line/patient population-specific didactic content, as well as on-site and external/online program educational opportunities. Residents will also have the opportunity to assist with teaching DPT courses at Northwestern University Physical Therapy and Human Movement Sciences. Northwestern University has one of the largest physical therapy schools in the U.S., and is ranked No. 4 nationwide, according to U.S. News & World Report.
  • Mentorship: Resident will receive three to four hours per week of one-on-one direct faculty mentorship with formal evaluation and documentation.

Program Objectives

  • Residents complete education, clinical training, and mentorship that reflect our hospital’s Analysis of Acute Care PT Practice to prepare them to obtain ABPTS board certification as clinical specialists in acute care physical therapy as soon as it becomes available.
  • Residents will demonstrate advanced, efficient, and effective skills in acute care PT practice with a variety of patient populations and conditions consistent with our hospital’s Analysis of Acute Care PT Practice (and DRP when it becomes available).
  • Residents will demonstrate specialist-level knowledge and clinical reasoning so that examination, evaluation, diagnosis, prognosis, interventions, and outcome decisions are consistently based on the three pillars of evidence-based practice.
  • Residents will develop advanced skills as educators to share knowledge and best evidence in acute care practice with patients, caregivers, students, colleagues, and interdisciplinary partners.
  • Residents will demonstrate skills in research and quality improvement methodology through exposure to a variety of projects and participation in a project related to acute care physical therapy.
  • Residency graduates will contribute to the growth and development of acute care physical therapy within Northwestern Medicine and the broader society.

Please download the residency information packet (PDF) below for more information. The packet is updated annually prior to the opening of the application cycle.

NM Acute Care Residency Information Packet

Additional information can be found at: Northwestern Medicine Acute Care Physical Therapy Residency: Physical Therapy & Human Movement Sciences: Feinberg School of Medicine: Northwestern University

Program Outcomes

Northwestern Medicine Acute Care Residency—Outcomes
Cohort Year
2020-21 2021-22 2022-23 2023-24
# of Residents Admitted 2 2 2 2
# of Residents Graduated 2 2 2  
% who graduated 100% 100% 100%  

Current Residency Cohort

Pooja Patel PT DPTHeadshot

Pooja Patel, PT, DPT

Melinda Rudnick PT DPTHeadshot

Melinda Rudnick, PT, DPT 


2022-2023 Residency Cohort

Alison Guthrie, PT, DPT
Alison Guthrie, PT, DPT
Rachel Traisman, PT, DPT
Rachel Traisman, PT, DPT

2021-2022 Residency Cohort

Jessica Schmidt, PT, DPT
Jessica Schmidt, PT, DPT
Claire Heneghan, PT, DPT
Claire Heneghan, PT, DPT


The Northwestern Medicine Acute Care Residency is accredited by the American Board of Physical Therapy Residency and Fellowship Education (ABPTRFE) as a post professional residency program for physical therapists in acute care physical therapy.

Financial Fact Sheet

Click here to download the NM Acute Care Residency Financial Fact Sheet

Application Process

Admission Requirements

  • Degree, licensure: Current licensure in good standing or eligibility for licensure as a physical therapist in the State of Illinois. Active licensure in Illinois is required prior to program start date.
  • Proof of certification/membership: Current Basic Cardiac Lift Support (BLS) certification and proof of current APTA membership.
  • Academic/professional history: Transcripts from an accredited physical therapy program and current curriculum vitae or resume.
  • Letters of recommendation (3): Preferred—one letter of recommendation from a supervisor in acute care or clinical instructor from an acute care clinical rotation.
  • Additional requirements: Personal statement, professional references, meet criteria for employment at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, excellent written and verbal communication skills, and demonstrate characteristics of a team player with high standards of professional behavior.

Candidates must apply to the NM Acute Care Residency through the APTA’s RF-PTCAS national common residency application system online. The current cycle opens on October 1.

RF-PTCAS | Applicant Login Page Section (

Residency Calendar for 2024 to 2025 Admission Cycle (dates may change)

  • Residency application submission deadline: February 2nd, 2024
  • Candidate interviews: Anticipated February 2024
  • Residency start date: Anticipated August 21st, 2024

Inquiry Form

We are accepting applications for our 2024 through 2025 Northwestern Medicine Acute Care Residency cohort. To learn more, please choose one of the following methods:

Contact Information

Residency Director:
Elizabeth Moore, PT, DPT

  • Board-Certified Clinical Specialist in Oncologic Physical Therapy at Northwestern Memorial Hospital

Jennifer M Ryan, PT, DPT, MS

  • Board-Certified Clinical Specialist in Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Physical Therapy
  • Assistant Professor
  • Department of Physical Therapy and Human Movement Sciences
  • Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine