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Healthy Tips

Back-to-School Roundup

You’ve got parenting down like a pro. You’re armed with extensive back-to-school supply lists. Why not give their health and wellness the same checklist? From nutritional breakfast ideas to kick-start their day to a guide on handling peer pressure, here is everything you’ll need to get a gold star for getting back into school mode.

Setting Up for Success

Safe on Schedule: Vaccines for Children

Your child has a lot on their plate, and getting sick shouldn’t be on the list. Vaccines are extremely important for your child’s health and safety. Protect them from a preventable disease by sticking to a set schedule. Read the full article here.

Healthy Sleep Habits (Infographic)

Are your kids counting enough sheep? A good night’s sleep is the first step to preparing for a busy day. Aim for more than 8 hours of sleep to ensure their mind is ready to seize the day. See how that differs by age here.

Encouraging Communication in Children

Everyone communicates differently. Nonverbal communication is often associated with autism, but can also be accompanied by other types of special needs. Find out tips for parents, teachers and caregivers to encourage nonverbal children to speak and how to better communicate with them. Read the full article here.

Healthy Eats

Quick and Healthy Breakfast

You’ve heard it once or twice, but it’s true: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Give the kiddos (and yourself!) proper energy for the busy school day. From breakfast burritos to homemade granola bars, here are things to grab on your way out the door. Read the full article here.

Bento Box Lunch Ideas

If you’ve got a picky eater, why not try using a bento box? This Japanese lunchbox makes organizing lunches easy. Separate compartments divide food and encourage colorful arrangements to make lunch more appealing. Break out of the lunch rut and get creative — we’ve got some recipes to get you started. Read the full article here.

Peace of Mind

Be Aware of Bullying

There’s no easy way around this one: Bullying is a reality at school. It’s a difficult topic, and you might be unsure of how to approach it. Find out how to spot warning signs and how to approach the situation without overstepping. Read the full article.

The Impact of Unspoken Pressure

Puberty can be confusing, as children begin to experience changes in their bodies and behavior. Along with these developmental changes, research suggests early puberty may be associated with depression. Learn the warning signs of adolescent depression. Read the full article.

Four Things About Your Teen’s Brain

Depression isn’t the only thing your teen is prone to. If you notice sudden changes in their behavior, like taking more risks or acting out, there might be an explanation. See how the developing brain might be causing some of this and what you can do as a parent. Read the full article.

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