Healthy Tips

Your Community, Your Health and You

Resources to Connect You to Your Community

Your community is where you spend time and share interests with your family, friends and neighbors. From gardening and cooking, to joining a book club, volunteering or doing a local 5K, your community is ripe with healthy opportunities to get involved in the Chicagoland area.

From activities that challenge you mentally, to physical events that work your body, communities offer numerous classes, programs or groups to better your health in a social and supportive environment.

Volunteering can also help you become part of, and give back to, your community. It allows you to find a group of people who share common values, and provides you with a sense of accomplishment and purpose.

How to Get Involved

Here are some ways to use your community to stay healthy – mentally, emotionally and physically. Explore your neighborhood for:

  • Art classes. Explore your artistic side – you might be surprised by how great an art project can be for stress relief. Check your neighborhood schools, art supply store or community center for art and craft classes.
  • Cooking classes. Learn how to make your own healthy snacks and meals. Local cooking stores, schools and community centers offer numerous opportunities to get your food on.
  • Neighborhood parks. Volunteers are often needed to help with various projects throughout the parks. These volunteer opportunities give you a new way to get active and connect with those in your community. You may even find a new favorite spot for an outdoor workout.
  • Running (or walking) clubs. If you enjoy the kinship of fellow runners or walkers, take a look at your local clubs or community-sponsored runs.
  • Sports teams. Is there a sport you love to play, or are you just looking to try something new? Join a recreational league for a fun fitness option. You may even find your new teammates are just who you need to help you stick to your fitness goals.
  • Volunteer opportunities. Look no further than your local hospital, senior center, animal shelter or food bank for an opportunity that’s interesting to you, keeps you active, and leaves you feeling great inside and out.
  • Yoga or other fitness classes. Stay in shape all year round. Look to your local community recreation center, gym or school for a variety of inexpensive classes.

The opportunities to grow healthy minds and bodies are endless. Being an active part of your community can not only support that, but also make you feel more involved. Look to your neighborhood chamber of commerce, library or health center to discover what specifically is available in your community.