Medical Advances

A Decade of Heart-Warming Moments

What Warms Your Heart?

For 10 years, Northwestern Medicine’s Bluhm Cardiovascular Institute has provided expert care to the hearts of the Chicagoland area and beyond. Clinical innovation and superior patient experience has made the Bluhm Cardiovascular Institute the top cardiology and heart surgery destination in the Greater Midwest* and allowed countless people to reach new milestones with their health and return to old passions.

In honor of Neil Bluhm’s very generous act of kindness that led to the creation of the Bluhm Cardiovascular Institute, Northwestern Medicine is celebrating the little things that warm your heart each and every day.

Excellent Patient Care, Exceptional Personal Stories

Year after year, the Bluhm Cardiovascular Institute has touched countless lives, bringing breakthroughs in care to patients from across the country.

Nothing should stop you from doing what warms your heart and Bluhm Cardiovascular Institute has returned patients to their passions time and time again. Our physicians, researchers, nurses and technicians take pride in their patients’ experience – and in their stories. From Chicago’s North Shore to the Pacific Northwest, the six clinical centers of the Bluhm Cardiovascular Institute are positioned to make sure patients can achieve what matters most to them.

Jay Marschall, an endurance sports triathlete, came to Bluhm Cardiovascular Institute from his home in Montana and left six days later with a new valve to keep him running.

Stefanie Bader suffered from heart conditions since childhood, often finding herself unable to participate in sports and active games. After a successful heart surgery with Bluhm Cardiovascular Institute, she was able to exercise for the first time and became pregnant with her second child, something she was unable to do prior to surgery.

Carlos Ahon grew up playing soccer, but a cardiomyopathy diagnosis threatened his active lifestyle. But an investigational and wireless device to monitor irregular heart rhythm through a clinical trial with Northwestern Medicine has returned him to the pitch with no negative interference.

Research That Makes Breakthroughs Possible

Bluhm Cardiovascular Institute is home not only to clinicians delivering excellent and expert care, but also researchers dedicated to making a difference. The research benefits that patients receive are in large part due to the shared commitment between the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine and the Bluhm Cardiovascular Institute. The partnership has led to the creation of the Clinical Trials Unit of Northwestern. This unique facility is dedicated specifically to innovative research and the evaluation of clinical outcomes in order to provide the most advanced treatment options and improve the quality of care for the cardiovascular patient.

Northwestern Medicine believes that medical advances go hand in hand with patient care, which is why Bluhm Cardiovascular Institute is dedicated to the research that makes your breakthroughs possible.