Emmi® Patient Education

Emmi® Patient Education

Emmi® Patient Education

It’s human nature to be fearful of the unknown. That’s why Northwestern Medicine gives you the opportunity to learn everything you possibly can about your upcoming surgical procedure. With easy access to the detailed information available through Emmi® patient education you can:

  • Learn what to expect from your surgery
  • Know what questions to ask your physician
  • Share the resource with family and friends
  • Relieve your anxiety
  • Feel more empowered and in control
Knowledge is power. That’s why access to information helps you work with your physician to make the best possible decisions about your health. Emmi® patient education gives you a powerful tool to learn everything you can to take a more active and informed role in your healthcare.

Emmi® programs

Emmi® programs are a series of online presentations that make complex medical information easy to understand. With animated graphics and easy-to-read text, Emmi® programs walk you through your upcoming surgical procedure, so you understand just what to expect. Emmi® also has programs on chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension.

Most Emmi® programs take about 20 minutes to complete. You can view them as many times as you like and share them with friends and family anywhere in the world.

Access Emmi® 

If you are scheduled for surgery at a Northwestern Medicine hospital, ask your physician if there is an Emmi® program that is right for you. If there is, you’ll need an access code to view the program.

Already have an access code for an upcoming surgical procedure?

View your Emmi® program now

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