Post-Acute Care Services

What to Do After Your Visit

After you see your care team, you will need to follow their instructions. This will help keep your health on track.

  • You may need to get medication.
  • You may need to make another appointment for tests, lab work or a follow-up visit.

Be sure to do everything your care team tells you. If you are not sure about something, please call or send a message through MyNM.

Schedule Appointments Right Away

To help ensure you do not forget to schedule your next visit and to help you get an appointment time that works best for you, schedule your next appointment before you leave the office. Do this for follow-up visits and even for your yearly checkup.
If you cannot set up your next appointment right away, call us at least six months before you need to come in.

When to Contact Your Care Team

Here are some reasons to contact your care team:

  • If you are not sure about any instructions your care team gave you. You need to understand this information for your health.
  • If you have more questions that you did not ask during your visit.
  • If you have any side effects or other problems with your medication.
  • If your symptoms get worse.
  • If you get any new prescriptions from another physician or if you start taking any over-the-counter medication.
  • To ask about test results.

If you or your child is not feeling well and you are not sure if you should call your care team, visit our Symptom Checker.

If you need guidance on questions to ask, visit the Questions to Ask page.

How to Contact Your Care Team

You may send a message through MyNM or call your care team’s office. We respond to messages in MyNM in two business days.

If you have an urgent question or request, do not use MyNM. Always call.

Adapted from Questions Are the Answer, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.