ThinkFirst Injury Prevention Program

Thinkfirst Injury Prevention Program at Valley West Hospital

ThinkFirst Injury Prevention Program

This program teaches children—from kindergarten through high school—how to prevent injuries and think safety. Thought-provoking, upbeat programs are offered at schools and community groups, with hundreds of free bike helmets and booster seats given to those in need.

Northwestern Medicine Valley West Hospital provides information and guidance to help prevent childhood injuries, and is home to a local chapter of the ThinkFirst National Injury Prevention program. ThinkFirst, an award-winning, evidence-based program, educates young people about the importance of making safe choices. Healthcare professionals and educators discuss how students can protect their body by using their mind. The messages are simple, engaging, clear and age-appropriate. Messages include:

  • Always buckle your seat belt
  • Don’t use your cell phone or text while driving
  • Driving and drinking/drugging don’t mix
  • Wear a helmet while riding a bicycle, scooter or skateboarding
  • Jump into swimming pools feet first, not head first

Programs are tailored to children by age group:

  • Kids (kindergarten through 3rd grade)
  • Youth (4th through 8th grade)
  • Teens (high school and college)

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For more information, please call 815.748.8962.