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Be Our Partner in Safety

Together, we’re better. Great care depends on partnership among all members of the care team, including patients. We encourage every patient to be engaged in care.

You are at the center of your care team

  • Ask questions.
  • Provide complete information about your medical history, including allergies, medicines and concerns.
  • Share the contact information of your physicians and pharmacies.
  • Activate MyChart and download the MyNM app
  • Take ownership of your safety in the hospital:
    • Don’t get out of bed without the assistance of a caregiver.
    • Remind visitors and staff to clean their hands when they enter and leave your room.

To learn more about how you can contribute to your care, view information about advance directives.

Choose your care partners

Talk about your wishes with people who are important to you. Your family and friends can help represent you and make decisions if you are unable to do so. They can also:

  • Keep track of your medicine, treatments, upcoming visits and lab tests.
  • Gather information that the care team needs.
  • Ask questions.
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