Defining Quality

To us, quality care is:

  • Effective. We work harder to deliver better outcomes.
  • Patient-centered. Through state-of-the-art facilities, leading-edge technology and a thoughtful clinical approach, we put the needs of the patient first.
  • Collaborative. From bedside to laboratory, physicians, care teams and scientists work together to make you better.
  • Convenient. Whether you need an annual exam or emergency care, Northwestern Medicine has you covered. With hundreds of locations across the Chicago area and beyond, we deliver care right in your community, close to where you live and work.
  • Measurable. By investing in quality research, we establish a baseline for better. Then we drive advances in medicine to exceed it.

Our quality measures aim to be:

  • Transparent. All our research methods and results are available to the public for review. We are honest about our performance.  Quality measures are shown even if we are not yet achieving a benchmark.
  • Valid. We strive to ensure that our data is sound. We choose measures developed and tested by respected, objective third-party experts.
  • Comparative. We study our quality of care in a way that allows us to compare it to other academic health systems and national benchmarks.
  • Patient-focused. We want you and your care team to be able to use our measures when making decisions about care.
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