Your Biopsy Results

After the Biopsy: Your Results

We understand the anxiety that can occur when you are waiting to hear the outcome of a test. Results will typically be available in one to two business days. Your physician will explain how and when you will receive your results.

Most breast conditions are benign (not cancer). Common benign breast changes include:

  • Breast infection
  • Benign cysts, which are sacs of fluid
  • Fibroadenomas, the most common type of benign growth in the breast, which often can be found in both breasts
  • Milk of calcium, a common form of benign calcium crystals floating in water

The following breast conditions are malignant (cancer):

  • Ductal carcinoma in Situ, the earliest stage of breast cancer and is contained within the lining of the milk ducts
  • Invasive ductal or invasive lobular carcinoma, types of cancers that have locally broken outside of the ducts or lobules, which are the main components of the milk producing glands
  • Paget’s disease, a very rare form of breast cancer that begins in the glands in or under the skin of the nipple
  • Inflammatory breast cancer, a rare form of invasive breast cancer that appears similar to a breast infection and does not resolve with antibiotics
  • Triple negative breast cancer, a type of breast cancer that does not have receptors for estrogen, progesterone nor HER2/neu, which are common targets for treatment