Cancer Care Second Opinion

Uncertainty about surgery or a major medical procedure can drive the decision to seek a second opinion. It is important to have confidence in the diagnosis, and to get the most-current information about treatment options available to you.

A second opinion with a qualified specialist allows you to approach your treatment decisions with the necessary confidence to help you make the best choice for you.

When should you get a second opinion?

For complicated, non-emergency medical situations, you should consider getting a second opinion any time you face:

  • A potentially life-threatening disease
  • An unclear or confusing diagnosis for your condition
  • Any experimental or novel course of treatment
  • Multiple and/or chronic medical conditions
  • Widely variable costs in tests or treatments

Contact Us for Second Opinions

Seeking a second opinion is often an important and necessary next step for patients with serious conditions.

Second Opinion in Downtown Chicago 

For a cancer second opinion in downtown Chicago, call 312.695.0990 or 866.LURIE.CC.

Second Opinion in the Northern Suburbs

For a cancer second opinion in the northern suburbs, call 847.582.2134.

Second Opinion in the Western Suburbs

For a cancer second opinion in the western suburbs, call 630.352.5450.

Second Opinion in the Northwest Suburbs

For a cancer second opinion in the northwest suburbs, call the Northwestern Medicine McHenry Hospital Cancer Center at 815.344.8000 or Northwestern Medicine Gavers Breast Center at 815.356.6149.

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