Lifestyle Behaviors

Lifestyle Behaviors

The Cardiac Behavioral Medicine team specializes in helping patients and their families adjust to a diagnosis and cope with challenges throughout the course of treatment. The team's techniques include strategies that encourage behavior change, improve coping strategies, minimize stress, reduce emotional distress, help with extended hospitalizations, and prepare for an upcoming procedure or surgery.

The majority of risk factors for heart disease can be reduced, including lifestyle choices like smoking, diet and exercise. The Northwestern Medicine Cardiac Behavioral Medicine team works with patients to make sure they have the best information on changing lifestyle behaviors—and help each patient meet their goals for changing them.

If you’re having trouble sticking with a diet or quitting smoking, we have specialists who can tailor a program just for you—whether you’re still receiving inpatient treatment at the hospital or you’re ready to make changes at home. We work with all patients to create a unique program that improves their health and quality of life.

Patients with cardiovascular disease may also experience anxiety, stress and depression and may benefit from changing lifestyle behaviors. We also offer guidance on recovery from a cardiovascular event and help with preparing for and recovering from surgery.

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