Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Seeing us is easy. Please call 312.695.6022 (TTY: 711). Our coordinators will guide you through an appointment, either in our individual specialty clinics or our multidisciplinary clinic. This will depend on your needs.

We aim to provide lifelong affirming care. This includes medical, surgical and mental health services. We provide the full spectrum of gender-affirming surgeries. Please see our services list for more details.

WPATH stands for the World Professional Association for Transgender Health. Our program follows WPATH recommendations.

For bottom surgery, no letters of readiness are required prior to a consultation. However, we cannot submit for health insurance approval or schedule surgery without the letters. We can work with you or your mental health clinician to offer guidance for what to include in the letters. For other procedures, depending on the specific procedure, you may be asked to provide a letter to schedule the consultation.

Our endocrinologists provide hormone replacement therapy using an informed consent model. You do not need a letter of readiness for hormones.

Our mental health clinicians and staff can provide you with a letter of readiness. We can also provide referrals to help you get letters of readiness.

We accept managed care plans, Medicaid and Medicare. However, each plan is different. We encourage you to call your insurance carrier and Northwestern Medicine Financial Counseling at 312.926.6906 (TTY: 711). They will discuss your coverage with you.

We will work with you through the appeals process.

Depending on the service, self-pay packages are available.

Smoking significantly affects your body’s ability to heal after surgery. Most surgeons will not operate on people who actively smoke.

We do not have a formal cutoff. We assess each patient individually.

We offer laser hair removal at a discounted rate for our transgender and nonbinary patients. Please call 312.695.6022 (TTY: 711) to schedule a consultation. We do not offer electrolysis, but we can provide recommendations.

Northwestern Medicine welcomes you to use the restroom that aligns best with your gender identity. Single-stall, gender-neutral bathrooms and single-user restrooms are available. A member of your care team can show you where the restrooms are.

We do not currently offer this service.

We routinely take clinical photographs for operative planning purposes. We will not share photographs with other patients or in any other form without explicit permission. Photographs will also not include your face.

We will do our best to coordinate appointments to minimize travel to and from Chicago. For bottom surgery, we ask our patients to stay in Chicago for at least four weeks after their procedure.

While you are recovering and healing, visitors can be a great source of comfort and support. A visitor may include, but not be limited to, a spouse, adult child, parent, close relative, friend, domestic partner or significant other of any gender. Learn about our current visitor policies.

X is a sex designation on government identification documents (such as driver’s licenses, passports and birth certificates) that represents a legal sex other than male or female. You may choose X in the Legal Sex and Sex Assigned at Birth fields in your medical record.

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