Measles Information

Our infectious diseases-trained physicians and nurse practitioners care for patients with healthcare-associated infections both in the inpatient setting and in the Infectious Diseases Clinic (IDC).

Our clinicians have expertise in treating multi-drug-resistant bacterial infections that may be associated with the healthcare setting. We have a long-established relationship with the Northwestern Medicine Microbiology Laboratory at Northwestern Memorial Hospital that allows us to actively monitor the occurrence of multi-drug resistant infections within the hospital.

We are able to utilize leading-edge diagnostic technologies to best care for the individual patient. Additionally, infectious diseases physicians work closely with Infectious Disease-trained pharmacists to choose the optimal antimicrobial for the situation and prescribe it safely.

Our IDC physicians and pharmacists also collaborate on the important mission of Antimicrobial Stewardship, which entails utilizing antimicrobial agents wisely to reduce the potential for harmful effects and to ensure that antimicrobials will be available for future generations.