Prosthetic Joint Infections Treatments

Treatment for prosthetic joint infections depends on the type of infection, its severity and your ability to tolerate another surgery.

  • Antibiotic treatment through a catheter: Antibiotics may be sent directly to the joint tissue through a catheter (long, thin tube) that’s surgically placed directly in the joint.
  • Debridement (removal of dead tissue): The wound is reopened and infected tissue is removed while leaving the prosthetic in place.
  • Revision surgery: The entire prosthetic is replaced. Often this is performed in two stages, with medicated, non-articulating (stationary) spacers taking the place of the original prosthetic while the infection is allowed to heal. In the second surgery, a new prosthetic is installed.
  • Amputation: In rare cases, the infected joint and limb must be removed to prevent life-threatening infection from spreading throughout the rest of the body.