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Test and Treat

911 and First Responders

If you suspect stroke, don’t be tempted to drive yourself or someone else to the Emergency Department. Calling an ambulance means that medical staff can begin life-saving treatment on the way. First responders will collect valuable information and alert hospital staff before you arrive at the Emergency Department, giving the care team time to prepare for your arrival.

At the Hospital

Once at the hospital, you may be transferred to the Neuro Intensive Care Unit, or Neuro ICU. Here, physicians can assess every aspect of your condition and pursue all available avenues of treatment.

In some cases, the Emergency Department may use telestroke to connect you electronically with a stroke specialist at a Comprehensive Stroke Center. This video connection allows a stroke specialist to evaluate your condition remotely and make recommendations for your care.

During your hospital stay, monitors will track your heart rate, heart rhythm, oxygen and blood pressure. Because stroke happens in the brain, you will also be watched for any neurological changes.

Several kinds of tests will help determine what kind of stroke you had and help identify what may have caused it.

Educate Yourself

Stroke Diagnosis


Northwestern Medicine offers the latest technology to swiftly diagnose stroke. Several kinds of tests will help determine what kind of stroke you had.

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Northwestern Medicine is home to highly trained physicians, nurses and other other providers specializing in stroke. We will create an individualized treatment plan focusing on your specific needs and goals.

Second Opinion

Stroke Second Opinion

A second opinion with a qualified specialist allows you to approach your treatment decisions with the necessary confidence to help you make the best choice for you.

Advanced Care and Technology

Northwestern Medicine is home to highly trained physicians, nurses and rehabilitation therapists who specialize in stroke care. We create individualized treatment plans that focus on your needs.

Our advanced care includes:

  • Advanced Stroke Certification. Northwestern Medicine offers eight hospitals accredited by The Joint Commission as providing advanced levels of stroke care, including two Comprehensive Stroke Centers.
  • Telestroke. We offer expansive telestroke network to provide vascular neurology consultations within seven minutes.
  • Mobile Stroke Unit. The Mobile Stroke Unit is a specialized ambulance equipped with tools and staff normally only found inside a hospital. This unit is the first of its kind in Illinois, and one of the first in the world.

Meet the Teams

two physicians looking at scans on a screen
At Northwestern Medicine, we apply the experience and knowledge of experts across disciplines to deliver the best stroke care to our patients. When a stroke happens, we are with you every step of the way.

Comprehensive Stroke Care

After a stroke, you and your loved ones may meet with several members of the Northwestern Medicine Stroke Teams. Each Team Member will provide input regarding your treatment and recovery.