For New Patients

For New Patients

For New Patients

Our staff will be happy to help you schedule an appointment. Please call 312.695.9627 between the hours of 9:00 am and 3:00 pm.

Step One: Obtain a Referral Letter

Prior to scheduling the initial appointment, we will need a referral from your primary care physician or neurologist to see a specialist in our clinic. The referral letter should describe why you are being referred and provide a synopsis of your condition.

Step Two: Obtain Previous Medical Records

All patients who are new to the clinic will be asked to obtain pertinent previous medical records before their clinic visit. Due to HIPAA laws, many medical offices and facilities require a written request before they will release a patient's medical history.

Records should include the following:

  1. Medical Notes from neurologists, psychiatrists or family physicians
  2. Previous neuropsychological testing reports
    1. EEG
    2. Blood tests
    3. Sleep study
    4. MRI on CD of the brain
    5. CT on CD of the brain
    6. PET on CD of the brain
    7. SPECT on CD of the brain
  3. Current list of all medications including vitamins or aspirin

All letters, records and films may be mailed to:

Neurobehavior and Memory Clinic
676 North Saint Clair Street, Suite 1310
Chicago, Illinois 60611

Records that are 20 pages or less may be faxed to 312.695.6072.

The referral letter and medical records will be reviewed by a clinic physician prior to scheduling to ensure the patient is being scheduled appropriately. The review process takes two (2) business days upon receipt of records. Please contact the clinic at 312.695.9627 after two business days to proceed with scheduling the appointment.

Once the appointment is scheduled, we will send out a patient information packet to provide you with more information about what to expect, as well as information about what to bring to the appointment.

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