Strabismus Treatments

Treatment for strabismus depends on the severity of the symptoms and the age of the patient. Treatments may include:

  • Orthoptic (eye) exercises
  • Eyeglasses containing prisms
  • Eye patches
  • Surgery

Surgical options for patients with adult strabismus realign the eyes and create a more comfortable visual experience with the eyes working together. Small incisions are made on the outside of the eye and the eye muscles are accessed and repositioned.

Sometimes an adjustable suture is used, which leaves the procedure unfinished and the muscle on a pulley. The adult patient gives feedback during the adjustment in order to get the best possible result. This surgery offers effective treatment, minimal discomfort and quick recovery but does carry a slight risk of infection, bleeding and rare complications that can be associated with loss of vision.

A week or two after surgery, double vision disappears as the eyes learn to work together.