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Northwestern Medicine Organ Transplantation

Image of Organ Transplantation Statistics: 517 abdominal transplants, 347 kidney transplants, 138 liver transplants, 32 kidney/pancreas transplants

Why Choose Northwestern Medicine for Organ Transplantation?

The Northwestern Medicine Organ Transplant Center is a national leader in research, innovation and patient care. Our basic science, translational and clinical research teams offer new approaches to immunosuppression, including:

  • Clinical trials in immune tolerance
  • State-of-the-art genomic and proteomic immune monitoring
  • Health services and outcomes research

Our experienced physicians have performed more than 10,000 abdominal transplants since the program’s inception in 1964 and performed 517 transplants in 2023 alone.

Transplantation Programs

African American Transplant Access Program (AATAP)

African American patients are not getting the information or support they need to make it through the transplant process. The African American Transplant Access Program is working tirelessly to change that. 

Heart Transplantation

Heart transplantation at Northwestern Medicine is performed by highly skilled heart transplantation cardiologists and cardiac surgeons with extensive experience.

Call 312.926.0739 to talk to a heart transplant coordinator today.

Hispanic Transplant Program (HTP)

The Northwestern Medicine Hispanic Transplant Program offers a culturally sensitive program dedicated to serving Hispanic patients in need of a transplant.

Kidney Transplantation

The Northwestern Medicine Organ Transplant Center is one of the largest living donor kidney transplant programs in the country.

Liver Transplantation

The Northwestern Medicine Liver Disease and Transplant Program offers a complete range of medical and surgical interventions to treat patients with complex liver disorders.

Living Donor Organ Transplantation

The Organ Transplant Center is a leader in living donor transplant surgery.

Lung Transplantation

Northwestern Medicine physicians combine leading clinical practice with groundbreaking research in the treatment of all types of severe lung disease.

Pancreas And Islet Cell Transplantation Program

The Pancreas and Islet Cell Transplantation Program provides quality outcomes and innovative care and immunotherapies in the treatment of diabetes.

Meet the Teams

Our teams span the spectrum of basic science and translational and clinical research, and they offer novel approaches to immunosuppression, including human clinical trials in immune tolerance, state-of-the-art genomic and proteomic immune monitoring, and health services and outcomes research.

Schedule an Appointment

To learn if you qualify for a liver, kidney or pancreas transplant, please call 312.695.4837. We can help you schedule an appointment at one of our 23 locations.

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    Transplant Education Videos

    Videos and resources about organ transplantation for donors and recipients.

    COVID-19 Resources

    The Northwestern Medicine Transplant team is providing patients with the most up-to-date information on COVID-19.

    Patient Travels Across the World for a Lifesaving Liver Transplant

    Image of physician discussing liver transplant
    Mohamad Alhosani traveled from his home in the United Arab Emirates to receive a liver transplant at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, the first hospital in the world to perform a minimally invasive liver transplant from a living donor. The donor was able to go home in less than three days.

    Northwestern Medicine Organ Transplantation Program: Quality, Innovation, Education
    Northwestern Medicine Organ Transplantation Program: Quality, Innovation, Education

    Dr. Satish Nadig discusses how the team from Northwestern Medicine Organ Transplantation Program is dedicated to saving the lives of those suffering from end-stage organ failure by providing patients equitable access to high-quality, leading-edge care.

    Mi cuñada me ha dado vida

    Dr. Caicedo

    Arturo Ramírez sufrió un accidente de auto hace casi tres años, lo que desató los problemas de riñón que empezó a padecer. Necesitaba un trasplante de riñón y fue su cuñada quien se convirtió en su salvadora.

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    Looking for a Second Opinion?

    It's vital that you're comfortable with your treatment decision and have confidence in your doctor. For these reasons, a second opinion with another specialist can help you make smart treatment decisions.

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