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What is the Hispanic Transplant Program?

The Northwestern Medicine Hispanic Transplant Program is the first transplant program in the country providing transplant care for Hispanic patients. The program has the largest bilingual and bicultural transplant team dedicated to serving patients in need of a transplant based on their cultural and language preferences.

Visiting a physician can make patients feel anxious, and a language barrier can make visits even more stressful. To help our patients who prefer to communicate in Spanish feel more comfortable, Northwestern Medicine offers the Hispanic Transplant Program.

The program supports Northwestern Medicine’s goal of providing customized patient care for patients who prefer to communicate in Spanish and who are undergoing kidney, liver, pancreas or small bowel transplantation. We have a bilingual team that includes:

  • Surgeons
  • Physicians
  • A social worker
  • A financial coordinator
  • A clinical research coordinator
  • Other support staff members

Through the Hispanic Transplant Program, we offer an evaluation clinic where patients who need a transplant can receive personalized care. Personalizing patient care includes tailoring your medical treatments to your needs and recognizing how cultural differences affect you and your care. We offer this level of care throughout your transplant journey.

Access program content in Spanish: Programa Hispano Trasplantes


Infórmate helps patients with kidney failure who prefer to speak Spanish learn about the options, risks and benefits of living and deceased donor kidney transplants so that they can make informed decisions. The website was developed to provide more information about living kidney donations for people who prefer to communicate in Spanish.

The site also debunks myths and misinformation and explains that living donors can have children, exercise, work, eat what they want as long as it is healthy and have a normal sex life after donating a kidney.

The Infórmate website is a collaborative effort between:

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Meet the Team

The Northwestern Medicine Hispanic Transplant Team supports the longstanding goal of providing individualized patient care for Hispanic patients undergoing kidney, liver, pancreas or small bowel transplantation. We have a bilingual team made up of surgeons, physicians, a social worker, a financial coordinator, a clinical research coordinator and other support staff.

Meet the Downtown Chicago Hispanic Transplant Team

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    NM's Hispanic Transplant Program Dispels Myths About Organ Donation

    Dr. Caicedo and his team of more than 40 medical professionals break down language and cultural barriers for the Latino community, transforming the way they view organ transplantation.

    Mi cuñada me ha dado vida

    Dr. Caicedo

    Arturo Ramírez sufrió un accidente de auto hace casi tres años, lo que desató los problemas de riñón que empezó a padecer. Necesitaba un trasplante de riñón y fue su cuñada quien se convirtió en su salvadora.

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